27 April 2016

White on White

Haii guys..I'm back to you all for my new pose and looks on my blog. Hope you all like it..There's no reason for me wearing everything that I like. I just put whatever I like. And I know I'm not a person that have to wearing a perfectly outfit everyday. And sometimes I can be unpredictable to wearing something and it's depends on the situation.Haha..it so me. For that.. I'm wearing on my white top blouse and my white rimple skirt and my black stretch waist belt and big black beads necklace and my flat cream shoes. This outfit it's look so chic and girly. And this outfit it's wearable too. You can wear this in any occasion. And as you know this outfit full of white and it's one colour trendy in any time. It's fit in your list clothes too, and it can apply to your office, relaxing time and formal time. Hopefully you all like it my new looks on here..

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