11 September 2016

Old Dress with Old Bag

Haii guys..morning all!!As today it's weekend,I'm so happy..!I can get a bit of relaxing today,but not over all,it's because my husband is on his way to his office,actually like today is not his work days but have training today for a half of his day while I'm alone again at home so I decided to making a new posts on my blog for my free time. And get a long way with my time.I really get upset this morning to my husband because liked today it's our time together for every single weekend.But now I have be alone again at home.Okay..it's make me sad to telling you guys about this but I don't want to be long in this feeling after all my husband will came home after finishing his training this afternoon. So while I'm waiting for him,I will get a long on my posts on here..actually in this posts I got my pictures on here from been a long time,and why not posting it on here.As you can see,I really like to wear all my clothes.And mixing it up all.But I have to see the situation first because not all my clothes can apply at all the times.It's because half of my clothes consists of a thick material and is not available to wearing on for everyday.Just sometimes I wear it on when it step into rainy season or winter.So for that guys,this is my review today.Now I will gave you my new look..I'm wearing on my black printed zipper dress,with red headband and my red sling bag,with my black stocking and my red pumps heels.This outfit it's more a dress and can wear on to a formal occasion,like a wedding reception or a other formal event.I prefer not adding my accessories because this dress had already printed and has a little belt on it.And it's more chic,girly and vintage look.So this is my look today that I share it to you guys.Hope you all like it and enjoy my look..

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