03 September 2016

Two Way Skirt

Haii guys,it is been a long week for me to take a new post on my blog, there's a lot to do on my list, but it is okay for me to do all things in one hand like i said before. But it's okay for me that i got a awesome helping hand all the time for helping me on the things and guess who?? It's my man my husband one for sure,hahaa..it so helping on doing things at home. I really appreciate him so much to doing things at home while i'm busy doing things on my blog, it so being helpful for him around at home, and it's really make me so easy to do on my blogs. Really it so easy and helpful for me. And that's not it guys. Him too helping me doing photo's on my blog too, i really lucky to have him around me on my life, I really love him so much. Now, i gave you my new look today, this outfit is really simple and girly to wear. Maybe some of you guys has wearing this outfit from your own closet before i posting this,hahaha..,this outfit can wear on summer when it so hot on outside and it so simple and stylish too. And this outfit can be use on two way function.As you know, actually this outfit it's a skirt not blouse, not a top or a dress, but it can be use like that too liked i said. So,  i'm wearing this outfit like a dress or frock, as you guys can see and put on my light blue blazer, and my green flat shoes with my green ribbon headband. But for you guys you can put on your outwear what ever you like it and wearing your accessories too if you like it. It simple, girly and wearable too. And it can pull from your own closet too, is that easy guys. So, is up to you guys to choose in what way to using this outfit..    
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