13 September 2016

Where is The Sky Gone

Haii..guys,morning all!!After yesterday have a long holiday,yeahh..it's been fun all times and have a lot of times with my husband,I'm so happy for this few days.I am so glad I had lot of times with him yesterday.Yesterday we both had a lot fun and happy times.We both had more lot of discussion about every things.After all of our discussion,at last we both agree to make a new posts on my blog.For this far,I know he helped me a lot on my blog.And for this,I really learn a lot how to make a blog and learn about every things.So I decided to make new posts and wear on my light cream vintage vest,with black Zara ruffled top sleeveless,and black legging and my dark green heels T-Bar Clarks shoes and my two gold long chain accessories witches my necklace and bracelet.This outfit is more simple and more casual.You can wear this everyday as you liked.And you can wear it with your over sized top and you can change your vest with your outer or blazer or cardigan and you can adding more accessories and you can change your heels with your sandals too.It's up to you all.More fun too if you can matching it up all with your sunglasses and you sneakers as you liked it,can be more stylish look.I know this outfit it's more simple as you can see but liked i said before you can wear this everyday as you liked if you put on your simple casual look.It's really simple look when I'm wearing on my all clothes.Because I'm a simple person.As I said before.But have trendy and stylish look too.So guys this is my look on today..Don't forget to stop by guys on here..Hope you all liked and enjoy my look guys..
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