06 September 2016

Work Out with The Skirt

Haii guys..how is your day all? Did you all have a good day?? Hope you all doing fine and have a great day.. So as you know, I really love to sharing my expression and feeling to all of you to get opinion and inspiration from all of you guys about my pose, look and other things. I know during this days I really have to think hard to get my new look to sharing a better one on my blog. Really this days I'm not often seeing a fashion magazine or watching fashion TV shows or talk show about fashion, because my daily activity as a housewife. Everything I did on myself. That's why I did not have much time to make a new post or look on my blog for everyday. Like I said before on my post, I really busy as a housewife but that is not matter now, because whatever we working on or what job we do as long as you love that job every single part of the job you do it's gonna be going fine and perfectly. And that's how I doing it right now. So guys, love what ever you doing right now and stay positive. So now I gave you my new pose and look.. I'm wearing my white top blouse, red printed flower pencil skirt, white beads necklace, my pink bracelet, my black stretch waist waist belt and my Marie Claire black pumps. As you know, this outfit it kinda formal as can you see. You can wear this to your work, to your formal event, or other occasion. I'm wearing this like I'm gonna go to work.(hahahaa)..but even I'm not, I'm just wearing this with my feeling. You know guys, several ago when I said I'm not a type person dress up properly,yes..that is right. If you see this look I'm just going with my mood and feeling. And for that, this outfit much more properly to put on. And if you want to wear more properly, the top blouse you can change with shirt and other colors. And you can wear too with your handbag it's more like a career woman.And you know is more perfect to look. So for that, you guys can choose what way do you wanna pull on this outfit..
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