23 November 2016

Black + Gold = Elegant Look

Haii guys,afternoon all!!What a day today..It's been a while I'm not posting it my new posts to you all,sorry y for that.But today I give you my new posts to you all and what is my look and style for today.I know everyone does like every color in their outfit look.If we talked about colors is so many kind of that because is very large to talked about it.As you know,that colors is bigger influence to clothes.So for that,you can wear clothes with every color that you liked.But sometimes there is a color code for specific event.And I know that for sure.But for that,there is no reason for everyone can not wear what color that they liked to wear.So,I know this days every color is use on any outfit and clothes.It's really fun and wonderful to talked about colors.This days,everyone does use this one kind of color in their everyday,every time style and look.What color is that??You guys can guess..??It's black and gold.But we can start with color of black.Is one kind of color that everyone's does has this color in their closet.And everyone does loved this color.It's much more regularly color for this days.And now this days we called it with "Basic" color.It's very more basic black color to wear.But everyone does wear it all the time.As I know that black color usually wear into a funeral ceremonial or for a specific event.But now this days everyone is wearing it on.And is using on every single clothes with no exception.It's really more ordinary look but you can combine with your others colors outfit and adding with your accessories too.So for the second color is gold.This color is more shiny color and gold.And this color is can not wear on everyday and every time as you liked.I will not more specific to talked about this gold color to you all it will be in my next blog posts to talked about it.So for that,I'm wearing on my black top sleeveless ruffled blouse with my black ripped jeans and my gold bangles and with my black YSL sling bag and my gold black triple strap sandal.It's very elegant look but more with simple,chic and wearable touch.This outfit one you can wear on your relaxing time or a formal occasion.I got this outfit is from my local store on my home town.So guys this is my review for today.Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..
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