13 January 2017

Knit Wear

Haii guys,it's already noon now and is very shiny day!!I know we have enter the new year part today and it's been the month feel with the new journey the new beginning the new adventure the new year and the new step into all our life's of 2017.I know for this several week,we have enter to the new month of this 2017 and it's January,however,in my home town this is the month were we enter the shiny and hot days ever.Of course still in the middle of the day,rainy season still stopping by on this month.But that is okay for me,I still can work nicely,greatly and easily while the weather is always unpredictable like usually does.So for that,I always told you guys that I really liked to wear a simple,comfy,casual,basic and wearable to use on that how I like my look and style.So for that,I know for some people maybe they like this one clothes to adding on their list of style and look.It's very a cozy,comfy and cool to wear.And there are a lot of style of this clothes.It can be a top blouse,it can be a cardigan,bolero or outwear,it can be a scarf,it can a gloves,it can be a cap to wear on,it's many a lot of them it can be use on.But for me,I usually wear to be top blouse,it's because I liked the style and material of this knit wear.It's one of my favorite clothes if you wondering why.And as you know,because the weather on my home town is most of all is a tropical weather so this one kind of clothes is very..very perfect to wear on my home town.Usually,I wear this with pants,just is fit and wearable much to wear.So for that,today I'm wearing on my knit wear,why exactly I'm telling about knit clothes.Yeahh,I'm wearing this light cream knit top blouse,with my black capri pants and my DIY bronze tiger pendant necklace and my white sneakers shoes.It's very much more cozy,comfy,easy and wearable when you wear this much outfit more.And I got all my stuff here is from my local store at my home town.And you can wear this outfit everyday as you liked and you can wear it to on your relaxing day.So guys this my review for today.Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..
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