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01 February 2018

Welcome 2018!!

Hallo guys.. how you all doing today?? I guess you all doing fine and great today. I know I been long time not posted on my blog from the last post, but it's okay, I will posting again from this day to forward to show and share all  my thoughts to you all about my blog. I know I been blessed so much from the last year, 2017 and now it's 2018,it's so much that happen in my life. But it was a awesome year. And now it's February the 1st, that is so fast that everything is going on, I hope in this year what we all wanted it will came true. And when is the 1st of January I took a photo that is the first style look on 2018 on me, and I know this year, I look on tv, on internet,and  on magazine is was the 80's style that was booming again on this year.So, I decided to take my clothes to wear it like the 80's style but it's a little bit more casual when you see it. And so I wear it to my cousins house, and my hubby said it, take a photo with this, so I take it. This look is more casual and overlay, I wear it. So, I wear it with my sleeveless  tops peach brocade v neck and white T-shirt plaid long sleeve and my hubby fringe jeans and with my slip on Adidas shoes and my dark blue bag. This outfit can wear in anytime and many time, you can mix it all you liked.Hope this year bring us all a more blessing and hope that it came true!!  So guys, this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

10 October 2017

Dark Blue and Grey

Haii guys.. how you all doing today?? I hope you all doing the best today, I know have been two months not writing on my blog, it's been long time I don't  write my article on here and I miss that so much. I have been a lot working on my home as a housewife and you know  for that I can't every time blogging on my blog, it's  because I have a lot working and not able to do things on my blog. I know this work to be an active blogger have to be more active to write a lot of content article to show that we are an active blogger. I really like this working time because is not wasting time, is not hard to get and easy to write on anywhere and everywhere you want. But because I'm a housewife and I can't be able to do things on two jobs at once but hope someday I will be able to do that. So  for that today I will give you all my new look today that been earlier 2017 when I celebrate the new year, I know when I put something on my body I have to be more comfortable and being as much as possible as my self. I really like to mix and matching up all my clothes, it's  really as me that I  present when I wearing  my clothes. I realize that I'm  not a person have to catch up the trending most ever style that been on today, that is not me. But I can still see and watch  the trend fashion style. I know I'm not the trend fashion style person but I can be stylish more as me. So for today, I wear on my  dark blue top blouse with my grey jogger pants and my grey jelly flat shoes and my  hairpin on my hair and my yellow nail polish. This  is the new look on me, this look can be wear on anyone else, it's really comfortable, formal and informal outfit, it's simple and easy to wear,it's great combination color. And it's wearable to wear too. But you can put on your accessories as you like to be more stylish. I know maybe you think this look is more simple that you see? But that is me, I like this way style and look as me. And I got this dark blue top blouse from my local store in my home town, and I buy wholesale from it. I buy variety color and look because I like it. And you can wear it on formal and informal occassion. And the jogger pants too, I bought it too from my local store in my home town and the jelly shoes too. The local store that I told you guys is "Blok M Square", you can buy everything in there and the price is variabel, from the cheapiest price till the expensive price, if you are interesting just go there and see, hope you all like it to shopping in there, I will  tell you more about this mall but not now, in the next post I will tell you guys. Happy shopping guys!! So guys this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..