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21 August 2018


Hello everyone.. How is your day today? Hope all is doing fine. I know, nowadays, everyone can wearing style as many as they liked because style is everywhere. And you can wear as you needed or as usually for your daily days. It is a habit nowadays for the style and the outfit. It is very like important thing to do before leaving the house. It is very.. very habit and important to do on our routines days. For me, yes, indeed.. I know, because not only for my blog but you know for it is a appearance and if you going somewhere you have to look nice and good looking. I know because from my childhood, my mom always dress up all of us for be more prettier and always nice looking. So until now, it is like a habit for us especially me. That is why I always posting it in my blog and make this blog to sharing and showing  how do I look and it is suitable for me or not. Because not every style and look is suitable for me and I know that. Because of that, I know what look and style is suitable for me to showing in my daily days and not excessive on my daily days. And I am not comfortable too for that. I am not the person can show off and excessive on my look and style. For that, I always saying that my style is simple, casual and easy wearing and that is me. That is my style, my look and my fashion for every single day and anytime. So, for that, nowadays, I wearing my look and my style for anytime there is no more different from the other days. I am wearing my black top blouse short sleeve hole torn and my pinky pants and my gray studdedd handbag and my nude ruffle flip flop. And my with my necklace beads and my blue watches and my four beads bracelet. And single of my bracelets is different. And this outfit I wearing as my daily days and it can wear in anywhere and everywhere, it is simple, comfortable, easy to wear not complicated and it is very.. very casual to wear. It is really suitable for the summer time. I really liked and loved wearing outfit like this. But sometimes, I can wear a really formal dress or outfit as the occassion indeed. So, guys this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

02 August 2018


Hello everyone.. How is your day today? Everyone is okay. Good to hear that. You know, I realize nowadays every single fashion is a fashion, there is no doubt for that. This is one thing is important and make life more amazing. Because nowadays, fashion is very important to everyone. But some are not too. But you know, nowadays, everyone likes fashion. So, even there is no special moment or occassion, everyone does fashion nowadays. It is like necessity for every day. And fashion is a bigger thing than you know. And it is more much variant. If you can see, fashion does not see age. And is a lifestyle thing. So, for that, I am so very blessed to my life. Because, I can wear every thing in my life. Everyday I can wear as I liked. And you know,  I loved being fashion every day. It makes my life more cheerfull. I can showing who as I am. I can be myself. I can be me. And free as I liked to show myself as I am. And showing that it is my identity. And when I was little my mom always make me stylish. So, from that, I always become a habit to fashion. But with positive way. I know fashion nowadays is more bigger than I know. It always growing and growing and growing nowadays. And nowadays, you can see fashion in anywhere. In everywhere, in every way and daily days. Because everyone does fashion. And it already entered to ours lifestyle. For that, I really like to sharing and showing what is my fashion nowadays to you all. So, previously, I tell you that for this moment, I really liked to wearing 'Harem Pants' nowadays, I don't know why, but I liked it. It is make my style more free and stylish. And I can mixing it with my every blouse or my T-shirt or my shirt. So, I decided to wear one of my Harem Pants before it. And you know, that is one kind of pants, you can see, is much more variant. But I always liked the colour of plain. So, I can mixing with my other color blouse. So, I decided to wearing my brown harem pants, but in my home town they called it with "Fatin Pants", but it entered in the category 'Harem Pants', and mixing with my white plain shirt short sleeve and my white tank top, and my yellow flat shoes and my gray studdedd handbag. And with my necklace seeds and my blue watches and my four beads bracelets. And single of my bracelets is different. And you can wear this to your formal occasion or unformal occasion. It easy to wear, simple and free. So, guys this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

18 July 2018

One Great Color

Hello.. Hello afternoon everyone, how is your day today? Hope is all amazing and awesome. You know, I have been trying to see my look and what is look like? For far that I see I am okay with my look and there is no problem for that. I know that my body is not the same like before. And I know maybe some of you is the same feeling like me but do not worry about that, nowadays you can be as you liked and do not be a shame about that. As long as I know, everyone deserve what they look liked. Is just show how you look like as you wanted to be. There is no reason to be a shame for that. Especially, if you have your guts to be a amazing fashionista. You know, everyone deserve for that. I know I have been three years to be a personal blogger especially for fashion. You can look on my blogspot. But I'm trying to get my best way to share my look and style to saying you can be as yourself. So, that is me in my blog. I am always be myself as always and trying in all things. You know what, you can try it that way. So, for that, every single thing on my blog is always as me,I want that everyone see me as me. I am able to seek everything in my way. And that is how I  show it to everyone on my blog as my fashion style. So, I always share to you all about my fashion style as myself. That is my style, my look and my creation on my daily days. Somehow, it is just pump out from my head and I just show it liked that. And I described like that. I really liked to mix and matching my style all the time. That is my way to showing and sharing to you all as my way to be look like. And that is one way of my favourite things to do on my daily days. So, for that, I will give you my new style here in my new post.. I am so happy to wear on one of my outfit here.. I am wearing with my plaid white shirt long sleeve with my white tank top inside and my blue midi basic macro pleats pants and my yellow flat shoes and my gray studdedd handbag. But you know my handbag is just not a usually handbag, it can be a triple stripe handbag because it is a triple one. And with my blue watches and my four beads bracelets. Now, my bracelets is more than usually it was. And single of my bracelets is different. And you know you can wear this outfit in your formal occassion and unformal occassion. Like formal, you can wear on you daily office clothes, your meeting occassion, etc. If you want to wear on your unformal occassion you can wear it with your T-shirt and your flip flop. It is easy to wear and neat. So, guys this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

09 July 2018

Mirror Ohh Mirror

Hello everyone.. how was your day today?? Feeling wonderful, hope you all doing wonderful. I been trying to mix my style and look for nowadays. But it been long for a while, I'm doing that. I just trying doing my best part for my look. It just being a part a life style right now. And just make it for your own good. Everybody have their own style, does not matter if you do not follow the trend right now. It is okay. If you fit with your own style, just do it that way. Do not push yourself into it. But if you liked following the trendsetter just follow it that way too. Because nowadays, fashion is a part of life, it can not get off from anything. More and more variety fashion nowadays. From the aspect the color, the textiled, the style, the look, the size, etc, is many.. many about this. So, now, I can understand about fashion nowadays. I really liked to talking about fashion but is more than this guys, it is larger from I explain to you all. So, for that, hope next time I will explain more than this,hope it will. So, for today, I will give you my other look about my harem pants that I promise you all previously. I took it my self when I know this large of mirror is very.. very clear to see anything and it is friendly. So, I took it one picture and  I will posting it, and itis here now.. I really love with this pants it so easy to wear and it just one plaid of color. And it belong to version harem pants if you can see in my picture, it is harem pants, and this pants it just not about easy to wear but you can wear on informal occasion. You can wear it with your shirt and high heels if like too. So, for me, I wear it with my white short sleeve blouse printed abstract and my grey harem pants and my flat yellow shoes and my red thailand totte bag. And my blue watches and my three beads bracelets. And single of my bracelets is different. So, I decided to wearing this to posting it in my blog. It is a little bit informal outfit but I liked it. I can wear it anytime I liked it. It simple, easy to wear and pretty much more girly. So guys, this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

03 July 2018

Batik Pants Is In...

Hello everyone, how do you all doing today? Hope everyone is fine and good. I know nowadays everyone can make their own style, their make their own fashion, type, mode, etc. And there is no compare for that. I know nowadays fashion is one big influence to all people around the world. It is a main part of our life. It can not be remove from our life. Because is one maintain to our lifes. I know not  everyone styled their own fashion but instead of that nowadays fashion is just free mixing. If you liked wearing your old clothes you can mixing it up with your old bag, old shoes, etc. Is simple like that. You just have to be brave to show your own style. This days is everything is there. If you don't have your style, you can see in magazine, television, store, online store, you can browse too if you liked. And fashion does not see ages, everyone can wear it. Because of that, nowadays, you can see from the youngest until the oldest can be a fashion styled or you can said 'influencer', because one point from that you have to have a guts. Every style is one of the most important thing nowadays. So, if you have your guts just show it and don't be shy to wear it. So, for that once I have promise you all to see my next post wear I'm wearing again my Batik pants but with another color but with the same style and accent. And here is my post with this simple style Batik pants with the accent slopes, and wearing it with my black plaid top sleeveless and my black short sleeve cardigan and my flat blue rubber/jelly open back shoes and my blue watches and three beads bracelet. And single of my bracelets is different. And with my black box fringe sling bag. This outfit is very simple, good touch look, casual and easy to wear. Especially for the summer time. You just can wear it anywhere, anyway as you liked. So, if you have the guts, just show it as you liked. So guys, this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

02 July 2018

Harem Pants or Bloomy Pants?

Hello..Hello everyone, how is your first day after the holiday season? Everyone is feeling great,hope you all feeling wonderful. You know what, I know fashion is obviously big, maybe is more bigger than you can say. After bit I learning about fashion is more than you know there is more how you can learn and study about it. It so fun, that you know about fashion. So, I learn much more about fashion and there more much about the textiled, the more variant about it, the style about the design and the material about the textiled and how you can apply easy with anything in your closet. I know everyone have their own style. And you can applied in your own styled aself. But sometimes the more you have style you have to be proud to your self and about it. And it can make yourself more confident to wear it. And do not be a shame for it. I know every single person have a shy in their self and shame to reveal it, do not be. If yourself brave to showed it, just showed it. I know not everyone brave to showed it and wear it but do not be shy to showed it. It is more fun if you can more style it your fashion. And you can be a trendsetter than you can be. So, just now we have talked a little about fashion, now I will show you my style today and show to you all to wear it if you liked it and maybe some of you will wear it you liked it to wear it. I know this style maybe some of you know it but some of you do not, and some of you wear it and some of you do not, but this look I just love to wear it and show it to you all. That I know, with the name of this post liked above, it is a harem pants or bloomy pants, which do you prefer it? I know this pants is trending in my home town but not everyone wear this pants, because of that I told before this if you brave to wear this style just showed it. I know a little bit about this pants maybe this is trending because at 90's, the one of the disney movies wear this pants in the movies, all of you know it, I know. Because of that, this pants so be trending again nowadays. In my closet I have a bunch of my outfit and partly of my outfit, this pants I have 10 pair of this pants but with a different style, different mode, different type, and different accent. Nowadays, this pants more much bring out with a different style, different look, different mode, different type, different accent and more much with the variant. And in my home town it can apply with Batik, so it is more style and bring more variant with this pants. So, I wear it with my light blue harem or bloomy pants with my plaid black blouse and my fringe black sling bag box and my flat blue rubber/jelly open back shoes with my blue watches and  three beads bracelet. And single of my bracelets is different. This outwear look is more simple, easy to wear and more relaxed wearing. You can wear in your daily days, in your relaxing times or just when your hangout with friends and your family. But if you want to be more formal outwear you can mixed with your blazers or your vest and you can wear it with your high heels. So, you can decided how you wanna wear it as you liked it. And for that, I will posting it again to you all for my 9 pairs of this pants in the next posting, oke guys.. So guys,this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

20 June 2018

Get Ready... To Set The Holiday!!

Haloo guys.. How you all doing today?! I hope you all doing fine till now. I know I have been so long since I write my last post in here to get my new post in my blog to share to you all. It's been so late to post my new look but it is okay, I know have been much lately doing a lot of things in my daily days. There is much going lately this days. So for that, I will give you all my new look today to share to you all. I know in my country we have been go on holidays for a full week, and it so much a lot to do guys, you know, when holidays is coming everyone is more exciting and much more happier, to relieve patigue from job, to relaxing time, have a nice good times with families, and etc. And it goes it like that. Is the same thing with me.So, when holidays is coming is like a new present for me and my husband to get more amazing adventure for both of us. And you know what, we have a lot more to do  together. So, we have a bunch plan to do when the holidays coming but we just going one plan, I know it disappointed but it is okay, because holiday is not over yet, there's are coming through on December. So, when our plan does not go as planned it is really dissapointed but it is okay, so, we didn't get much long to do, but, over that, we still exciting doing others things. And then, I ask my husband to take a picture for me when I think my look is more nice look, comfortable look and outfit on summer. So, finally my husband took out a picture for me and it's a good.. good, wonderful nice to see. I wear with my sunglasses, and my plaid black blouse, with my blue batik pants with an accent slopes, and my flat blue jelly/rubber open back shoes, and my blue watches and three beads bracelets. And single for my bracelets is different. It more casual, summer, easy going, simple, comfort look to wear on this days to holidays but you have to see when is the holiday season when it's  coming to December probably not wearing this guys. You can also add on your cardigans or denim jaket or your vest and your necklace to make more stylish to your look. It so simple is that guys. My batik pants is more to wear on a summer day like this because with the style and accent. And for this batik pants much more of the look, the style and the various of batik pants only. But I don't know I really love with my batik pants this ones, it's  really more comfort and easy to wear, probably I will buy another one guys, and when I buy it and I will show you guys and I will posting it and share with you all. So guys, this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

01 February 2018

Welcome 2018!!

Hallo guys.. how you all doing today?? I guess you all doing fine and great today. I know I been long time not posted on my blog from the last post, but it's okay, I will posting again from this day to forward to show and share all  my thoughts to you all about my blog. I know I been blessed so much from the last year, 2017 and now it's 2018,it's so much that happen in my life. But it was a awesome year. And now it's February the 1st, that is so fast that everything is going on, I hope in this year what we all wanted it will came true. And when is the 1st of January I took a photo that is the first style look on 2018 on me, and I know this year, I look on tv, on internet,and  on magazine is was the 80's style that was booming again on this year.So, I decided to take my clothes to wear it like the 80's style but it's a little bit more casual when you see it. And so I wear it to my cousins house, and my hubby said it, take a photo with this, so I take it. This look is more casual and overlay, I wear it. So, I wear it with my sleeveless  tops peach brocade v neck and white T-shirt plaid long sleeve and my hubby fringe jeans and with my slip on Adidas shoes and my dark blue bag. This outfit can wear in anytime and many time, you can mix it all you liked.Hope this year bring us all a more blessing and hope that it came true!!  So guys, this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

10 October 2017

Dark Blue and Grey

Haii guys.. how you all doing today?? I hope you all doing the best today, I know have been two months not writing on my blog, it's been long time I don't  write my article on here and I miss that so much. I have been a lot working on my home as a housewife and you know  for that I can't every time blogging on my blog, it's  because I have a lot working and not able to do things on my blog. I know this work to be an active blogger have to be more active to write a lot of content article to show that we are an active blogger. I really like this working time because is not wasting time, is not hard to get and easy to write on anywhere and everywhere you want. But because I'm a housewife and I can't be able to do things on two jobs at once but hope someday I will be able to do that. So  for that today I will give you all my new look today that been earlier 2017 when I celebrate the new year, I know when I put something on my body I have to be more comfortable and being as much as possible as my self. I really like to mix and matching up all my clothes, it's  really as me that I  present when I wearing  my clothes. I realize that I'm  not a person have to catch up the trending most ever style that been on today, that is not me. But I can still see and watch  the trend fashion style. I know I'm not the trend fashion style person but I can be stylish more as me. So for today, I wear on my  dark blue top blouse with my grey jogger pants and my grey jelly flat shoes and my  hairpin on my hair and my yellow nail polish. This  is the new look on me, this look can be wear on anyone else, it's really comfortable, formal and informal outfit, it's simple and easy to wear,it's great combination color. And it's wearable to wear too. But you can put on your accessories as you like to be more stylish. I know maybe you think this look is more simple that you see? But that is me, I like this way style and look as me. And I got this dark blue top blouse from my local store in my home town, and I buy wholesale from it. I buy variety color and look because I like it. And you can wear it on formal and informal occassion. And the jogger pants too, I bought it too from my local store in my home town and the jelly shoes too. The local store that I told you guys is "Blok M Square", you can buy everything in there and the price is variabel, from the cheapiest price till the expensive price, if you are interesting just go there and see, hope you all like it to shopping in there, I will  tell you more about this mall but not now, in the next post I will tell you guys. Happy shopping guys!! So guys this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..