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21 August 2018


Hello everyone.. How is your day today? Hope all is doing fine. I know, nowadays, everyone can wearing style as many as they liked because style is everywhere. And you can wear as you needed or as usually for your daily days. It is a habit nowadays for the style and the outfit. It is very like important thing to do before leaving the house. It is very.. very habit and important to do on our routines days. For me, yes, indeed.. I know, because not only for my blog but you know for it is a appearance and if you going somewhere you have to look nice and good looking. I know because from my childhood, my mom always dress up all of us for be more prettier and always nice looking. So until now, it is like a habit for us especially me. That is why I always posting it in my blog and make this blog to sharing and showing  how do I look and it is suitable for me or not. Because not every style and look is suitable for me and I know that. Because of that, I know what look and style is suitable for me to showing in my daily days and not excessive on my daily days. And I am not comfortable too for that. I am not the person can show off and excessive on my look and style. For that, I always saying that my style is simple, casual and easy wearing and that is me. That is my style, my look and my fashion for every single day and anytime. So, for that, nowadays, I wearing my look and my style for anytime there is no more different from the other days. I am wearing my black top blouse short sleeve hole torn and my pinky pants and my gray studdedd handbag and my nude ruffle flip flop. And my with my necklace beads and my blue watches and my four beads bracelet. And single of my bracelets is different. And this outfit I wearing as my daily days and it can wear in anywhere and everywhere, it is simple, comfortable, easy to wear not complicated and it is very.. very casual to wear. It is really suitable for the summer time. I really liked and loved wearing outfit like this. But sometimes, I can wear a really formal dress or outfit as the occassion indeed. So, guys this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

09 November 2015

Back from long time...

Hello everyone..hii i'm back it's a long..long while since the first blog i made is not quietly work out because i have a lot of stuff to do in that moment,maybe i can't said one by one for today but maybe for the next time i can tell you step by step.It's a lot of stories and moment that i have been through for this several years,but..i had a happiest moment too in my life when i got married with my soulmate a.k.a (now it's my husband)'s so gracefull and wonderfull that you find your soulmate one and only for the rest of your life.And since now i got married there's a lot of things that have been change in my life but i'm happy and gracefull to run this all.And now this is the new me with a new blog with a new style of me.. Hope you all guys with like and love with my new blog and the new of me..!!! Cheers...