13 March 2016

Look At Me.. When I'm Looking At You

Haii guys..I'm back to give you my new look, while yesterday I'm not doing nothing, it's just like I'm lost in my mind. So I asked to my hubby, let's get up and take a picture of me for my blogging. And he said, yes let's do it baby. So I just take on my best outfit and see what it looks like? I'm wearing on my red fur top sleeveless and my abstract outwear and my black pants and black Hush Puppies loafers shoes and my big black beads necklace and of course my brown sling bag or it can used on handbag too.This outfit it so wearable to put on your daily activities. To wear this outfit is so much comfortable and cozy. Because it can makes you feel easy to doing something. It so able to wear this outfit. If you like to wear other outer you can change if you like it. This outfit can use on any occasion too. And you can wear them in any time. So there's the result on my picture blogging guys..
Just stop by and see at here on my blogs.. Maybe you will like it.
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