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20 January 2019


Hello..Hello everyone, Happy Sunday.. how is your day today in 2019? Hope everyone is doing well, fine and amazing. This is my first time to posting my blog post in the January 2019, it feels liked I am back again to my routines activity again after a long holiday season yesterday. Maybe for some people they have a great and wonderful time in their holiday. But for me, it is liked the same day and nothing's liked holiday. You know,  after this holiday especially in the new year yesterday that everyone was celebrating. After that, something happened in my family. So, I will gave you guys my short story that is happening in my family. So first I will tell you guys what is going on. On the 1st January 2019, a few weeks ago, first we all going to church to celebrate the first day in 2019, after that we all decided to have lunch together in the far away mall in our home town in Jakarta Utara, north Jakarta, the mall is Mall Kelapa Gading, is a long away ride to go their because it is from south to north. But it still holidays, so, we all have a great and wonderful time then. So, when we arrived in the mall, we all have lunch together and eat. After that we all walking around the mall until we all tired. Then it is almost night, we arrived at home with safely. But there is nothing wrong with all of us. Until tomorrow,  that my mom and dad have a guest in home, my dad little brother (our uncle's) is going visiting to their home.  Because it still a new year's, so he visiting us all and it is being a long time that we all not meet each  other because he is from outside country, Batam.Until then, in our home it is very crowded and we all have a lot of fun and great time. Until on the afternoon,  I found my little sister just sleeping in her bed not like usually do and she just not doing anything. Usually that I know, she is a cheerful girl. And can not be silent, she go there, she go that, liked that. Then, finally, she got fever that makes her self limp. Then, without anything else, we all decided brought her to emergency room RSPP. This hospital is very close with our home.  So,we decided to take her there. And you all know, that in the emergency room is very long process.  Until we all have to wait for our little sister result. And you know what, the result is she got 'Dengue Fever'. And that is not good news for all of us. Ut so shocking news for us all.  Because that I know my little sister rarely sick. Obviously, never ever sick. Because of that, we all shocked about the result. After that, all that we do just keep praying for her to get well soon. And that, the doctor come to us and said that she has to hospitalization. And you know what.., it is has to be one week. And the middle my little sister is hospitalization, my one little sister above her got 'Dandy Fever'. Because the indication is on that. And after that, the other doctor to my one sister, the result is change to be 'Dengue Fever'. And this is not one sister but two of our sister got sick, very..very sick. And you know what guys, is just not two sister, and is not only that, but the the doctor said they have to stay in the hospital for two weeks too.  So this, in the first time on 2019, we got a warning to be more healthy in our life. This is not a disaster but only warning for the all family. And you know what, me and my husband that should have to stay in the hospital for two weeks. For me it is not a disaster but only warning and blessing. I know that everything in our life is a blessed and there is a warning too. But for every reason,  we all have to thank you and blessed for what is happening in our life. But now,  two my sister is already go home because they are now already healthy and more healthier. I am so blessed for that. And now, everyone is going on their routinenities again liked usually do. So for that, I really think that everyone has to be more able to watch their life and more healthier in life. There is the key to make your life is more healthy and success to be is more healthier in life. Healthy  is an expensive price for the entire life. So guys, this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

20 June 2018

Get Ready... To Set The Holiday!!

Haloo guys.. How you all doing today?! I hope you all doing fine till now. I know I have been so long since I write my last post in here to get my new post in my blog to share to you all. It's been so late to post my new look but it is okay, I know have been much lately doing a lot of things in my daily days. There is much going lately this days. So for that, I will give you all my new look today to share to you all. I know in my country we have been go on holidays for a full week, and it so much a lot to do guys, you know, when holidays is coming everyone is more exciting and much more happier, to relieve patigue from job, to relaxing time, have a nice good times with families, and etc. And it goes it like that. Is the same thing with me.So, when holidays is coming is like a new present for me and my husband to get more amazing adventure for both of us. And you know what, we have a lot more to do  together. So, we have a bunch plan to do when the holidays coming but we just going one plan, I know it disappointed but it is okay, because holiday is not over yet, there's are coming through on December. So, when our plan does not go as planned it is really dissapointed but it is okay, so, we didn't get much long to do, but, over that, we still exciting doing others things. And then, I ask my husband to take a picture for me when I think my look is more nice look, comfortable look and outfit on summer. So, finally my husband took out a picture for me and it's a good.. good, wonderful nice to see. I wear with my sunglasses, and my plaid black blouse, with my blue batik pants with an accent slopes, and my flat blue jelly/rubber open back shoes, and my blue watches and three beads bracelets. And single for my bracelets is different. It more casual, summer, easy going, simple, comfort look to wear on this days to holidays but you have to see when is the holiday season when it's  coming to December probably not wearing this guys. You can also add on your cardigans or denim jaket or your vest and your necklace to make more stylish to your look. It so simple is that guys. My batik pants is more to wear on a summer day like this because with the style and accent. And for this batik pants much more of the look, the style and the various of batik pants only. But I don't know I really love with my batik pants this ones, it's  really more comfort and easy to wear, probably I will buy another one guys, and when I buy it and I will show you guys and I will posting it and share with you all. So guys, this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..