21 September 2016

Cream Cross T-shirt + Black Alibaba Pants = Obviously Casual Look

Haii guys..hope you all doing fine.This day is making me so sleepy,why i said that??It's because this morning until now is raining all day long and making me so sleepy and make me not doing anything because of this weather.While this day and this air is making me wanna go to sleep,but I will still on my passion to make new more posts on my blog today and doing all by myself. Yeaahh..keep on rocking!!!hahahaa.. As you know,last night I have been making posts too on my blog,perhaps you all see,but today is kinda similiar as last night for the contents on the blog.But is not really similiar posts,is kinda different for this posts.As I said before,I want to more posting on my blog more simple,casual, freshly and more basic.Because this four style it's more me and I really love it so.But maybe sometimes you can see me wearing full of printed motif and colorful clothes of the time too.But mostly I really loved all my clothes.So for that today I'm wearing my cream cross t-shirt,with my black Alibaba pants,my DIY silver metal ring necklace and my white sneakers shoes.As you see,this outfit is more simple,casual but more wearable too.I really pick this outfit is because is more easy and comfy to wear.I bought all my items clothes mostly from local store from around at my home town.And I really loved all of it.And you know you can wear this outfit with more simple as you liked.And you know this Alibaba pants mostly all of you have hear and maybe lot of you too have wearing this pants.I know this pants more like from the movie "Aladdin" when we were child.And if it so,yes it is is like the Aladdin pants but on my home town it called Alibaba pants.So for that,this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my look today..
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