27 September 2016

Green + Black = Smart Looking

Haii guys,morning all!It's been two days I have not been posting on my blog,I know that.And you all have been waiting for me to posting my new look on my blog,sorry for that and I realized that too.And two days ago I have been busy with my husband with our weekend together.But now I'm back to gave you all my new look and you know this days the weather is not be friendly for sure.It's been for few months as you all know at my home town that weather is unfriendly and from last night I got a runny nose and bad cold and this is not I expected for sure.But even though I am sick today,I will remain on my passion to make a super fabulous new post blog today.I know this is not going be easy for me because of my runny nose and my bad cold.But I will do my best on my blog today guys for you all.And two days ago I'm wearing on my simple trendy outfit look.It's so simple outfit as that.I really liked when I'm wearing something on it's simple,casual,trendy,basic and it can be chic,vintage and girly too.It so me as me.And it so like that,it makes me more comfortable and easy to doing something to do.I know maybe everyone loves to wear liked that too.So,I'm wearing my top green blouse,with my black pants,and my black Hermes bag,with my DIY pearl accessories necklace and my black loafers Hush Puppies shoes.I really liked it when I wearing this simple outfit as me.I know it looks so simple and trendy too but it smart looking as that too.When I see this top green blouse I really liked it and it's very chic.That's the blouse but when I bought my black pants I really loved it,why I said that?It's because this pants is not liked usual other pants.It's looks more like legging or tights.It's because of that I really loved this pants and it can make you more comfort to wear.And it so easy wearing this pants,and you can mix and matching up with your favorite outfit it's because of the neutral color of this outfit.And for that too,I got my Hermes bag it's a gift from my husband and the shoes too I got from my sister.This outfit it looks more chic,simple and trendy too.It can wear it to a formal occasion or relaxing time too.So for that guys this is my new posts blog today..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..
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