08 September 2016

Light Blue On

Haii guys..what a day..??Really right now I don't have a discussion to sharing with you all right now, because I'm so tired right now. But I try to do my best to you all to share and talk about my look today..I really loved to mix and matching up all my clothes with anything does right on me.And for that, I really often like to ruffled my closet  a lot to get inspiration on my look and style. I know I can get bit a messier than you think.But you can see how it will be.As you know, I really liked to wearing a basic look, it's really fit on me but not just that I liked too with a look that wear with a blazer, a outwear,cardigan,and big size clothes or over sized clothes,I don't why but I liked it.And can fit in any on my clothes.So for that, I really often to mixing it all as one to make a fantastic and extraordinary look.But sometimes it can be simple and ordinary too. So right now, I gave you my new look, I'm wearing my light blue blazer with my stripped shirt long sleeve,my green light headband and my black legging with my metallic belt and my Marie Claire black pumps. It's a little bit ordinary look today,yeah..it's liked I said before.So,this outfit it's more formal but a little bit casual too.And a bit kinda messier too.But it's okay for me I still took this pictures finally. And it can wear to a formal occasion but it can wearing to your relaxing time.

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