16 November 2016

Shocking Pink Shirt + Black Trousers with Pockets + Black Studded Flat Shoes = Nicely Good Looking

Haii guys,morning all??This is a great day,isn't it guys?Yes,it is.I'm always interesting with fashion.It's never died when we talked about fashion it's always alive and always blooming every time every day.Maybe is just not me but everyone does see in that way.Because this days fashion is everywhere,just not on catwalk,not on competition,not just on magazine but everywhere,every time and everyday.Why I said that??Because it is liked that in this days.And you can see it everywhere.Fashion is not rare items in this days,you can find it at anywhere and everywhere.It's easy to find and buy it anyway.And you can wear it as you liked.So for that,I really enjoyed and more fun with fashion this days.It's all up to you what do you want to wear this days in fashion look?I'm so happy when I got this shirt it just so happy,loving and cutely look.And I never have a color one in my fashion items liked this,I'm really excited to have this one in my closet.It's one thing woman have one.So for that,I gave you my new look today,I'm wearing on my cutely shocking pink shirt sleeveless with my black trousers with pockets and my gold accessories necklace and with my black studded flat shoes.I got this all things is on my local store on my home town,it's very simple and easy to buy it as I told you guys before.I know I often to said this to you all but that's how I bought all my things liked this.I don't really much buy branded things but if I really liked it and afford it,I certainly bought it as well.I know I often said too much simple look and style but this one is one of that look but with a bit chic look on my top shirt and my gold necklace.It's more chic,girly and cute than ever for this outfit look.This outfit can wear in everyday,on formal occasion or relaxing time.You can adding with your bangles and your handbag too if you liked it.So guys this is my review for today.Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..
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