07 December 2016

Casual To Be As Yourself

Haii guys,morning all!!I know it's very been a long while I don't posts anything on my blog,since we got into this very joyful happy month,it's December guy's,it's very joyful and grateful for this month,me and my husband had a lot to do on this month,I know for everyone who celebrate Christmas had a long to do list on their notes liked myself.Some of that list,I guess,it's to decide what you should wearing on Christmas eve,Christmas day,what is your decoration of Christmas and the other things.But no worries,for you guys you can still preparing that to do list on your notes until the Christmas day comes.As liked me,I just preparing the little things but the big things not yet,but one of that things,you can see on my next posts on the Christmas day,25th.This is the month,everyone who celebrating Christmas has a wonderful,happiness and joyful for the one the years.And for that,I know this is the last month of the year and everyone get busy on their jobs.But we can feel the happiest times at all.So for that,while I talking about Christmas now we move to my new posts today,it's liked the theme above,that's the look and style of me today.I know everyone liked this style for their everyday outfit.And I know I had to much with this words on my outfit look.But as you know,this is how I look liked as everyday on my style and look.It so comfortable,easy and wearable so much to wearing this outfit on your everyday activities.This outfit it's more casual,relaxing and chic looking.A casual look to be but not much simple as that.And for that,I'm wearing on my flower top blouse with my black trousers pants with pockets and my DIY gold triple Paris Eiffel tower pendant necklace and my black white sling bag and my white sneakers shoes.Liked I said it's liked the theme above my look and style today.it's very casual to be.And for you guys maybe you liked to see and styling like others but you can be yourself.Just be yourself with your own look as you liked.and as you know,I got this flower top blouse when I walking at one mall on my home town and when i saw this one blouse I just liked it and the motif of this blouse is more natural as you can see.And the same thing with my black white sling bag,I just loved it,it's because the look of this bag I really loved,it's very easy,casual and natural look,you can combined with your all outfit as you liked with this bag.So guys this is my review for today.Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..
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