07 December 2016

Monochrome + Blue = Great Touching One

Haii guys,it"s afternoon now!!It's so hot today on the weather,oohh..guy's it's really been sunny day today,although that I know when Christmas day coming the weather is more like cool and rainy season.That's how I know.But this is so not but doesn't matter for me,I still can get along with weather.So guys,this is my second outfit for today,liked I said the theme above,this is the look and style for me on the second outfit.Finally,I can wear my monochrome style on my blog,I really liked it when I see it done.This outfit is definitely as me,you can said it's really me as me and myself.Liked I said ago on my posts blog,I really loved to wearing a basic color,it's really great and cool color.This outfit it so based on a basic color,because I can wear it anytime as I liked.It's easy to combine with my other outfit.And maybe this style and this look is still popular until today.I know everyone does wear a monochrome look on their daily outfit.It's because it's easy to combine and matching up with other colors on any outfit.In other way,it can said as minimize looking.Why I said that?It's because of the color is a basic color and you can put any other colors to make a monochrome look one.I really loving to have a lot of basic color on my closet.You can see from now that on my blog there's a lot of basic color that I haves.I realize that I have a basic color on my clothes,I will make a lot of posts blog with my basic color clothes.It will simple and easy to wear in that way.So for today,I'm wearing on my white top shirt short sleeves with my grey pants and DIY stone necklace and my studded Valentino blue bag and my white sneakers shoes.That's how i got my monochrome look.I adding my DIY stone necklace and my blue studded Valentino bag to be more stylish and cool looking.In many ways,I loved to wearing all my clothes in many way style but is it has to be me as me.I got my white top shirt short sleeves in my local store on my home town but I really loved it and the look of this shirt is fit on my that's why I loved it.The second one is my grey pants,is from my sister,she gave it to me and I realize that the pants is still looking great and it fit's anyway to me.The third one is my blue studded Valentino bag,I got this from ex boyfriend,definitely is my husband now when we still girl and boyfriend,hahahaa.. but I really loved it so much the style of this bag is so cool,and the last one is my DIY stone necklace,why I always said it a DIY necklace because I really loved making things on my own self and is more making me more creative and learning a lot about making about your own things.So guys,this my second review for today.Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..
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