10 January 2017

Full Basic Colour

Haii guys..morning!!I know is been a month I don't post any of my post blog here is because full of my schedule things.Yeaahh..maybe everyone does like that for a month ago,even I am too.I am sorry for that but for now is because is new year,new month,new life and new everything..is has to be change even when I am down,is have to be a new thing a new life for myself that is have to be work in this year of 2017.I know I have been lot of many passes for the last of 2016 but I hope for this year until the end of the year of 2017 is gonna be change.So for that guys,as I said before I really like to wearing a basic color to combine with my other clothes.And I know everyone does like all basic color,isn't it??This outfit can be wear for everyone.And I'm person who loves wearing clothes being mixing and matching with other clothes for the amazing and awesome looking.And that's how I do on this days on my daily outfit.I really like to mixing and matching all my outfits to looking be good,awesome,fantastic and cool.However,this basic color is never been a bored fashion and is more important thing in fashion.Color is one thing that is very important in fashion industry.Not just for a color but is very how that representing the clothes how it be look liked and how it make it style on the clothes.That how i know about color for clothes guys.So for today,I'm wearing on my black short sleeve cardigan with my polka dot cream top sleeveless with my white culottes pants and my DIY silver metal ring necklace and my yellow clutch bag and my white sneakers shoes.Is very fun and stylish look for my one outfit here.More than you can say is more a basic look and color.I really liked it when I put every single thing on my body is very perfect combination one.You can wearing this outfit to your relaxing time or when you hangout with your friends.I got this all my outfit from my local store at my home town and definitely is a big yes for me.So guys,this is my review for today..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..
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