11 January 2017

Pinky Vibes

Haii guys,morning all!!I know it's been a while like I said yesterday on my blog posts here,it's been a month I don't posts but now NO,I have to be more active and more responsibility with my blog.I know everyday I have to do things and lot of work to do but I have to spent a lot of times with my blog to be more active and more people to see my blog here.I hope this is my time to make my blog to more grow,active and famous to all around the world.That's is one of my resolution in this year of 2017.Hope it will came true this year!!So for that guys,I am so happy when I posts my look and style on my blog here is one of my favorite thing to do on my list of work.Is very more exciting things to do and make me more learn about a lot of fashion things when I working on my posts blog here.So for today,this my outfit is more chic,girly and casual look.But is easy and quickly simple as you can see this outfit one.I know I'm not a kind of person who has often to wear a perfectly outfit every single day,is not me at all.I really liked to wearing a simple outfit look to my daily outfit that is my every single day look.And I know every single posts on my blog here is always been a simple,easy and casual words but that's how I expressing my daily outfit and my style to all of you.I know maybe some you have a bunch of style on your daily outfit look but this who I am as myself.And for that why I'm telling you about this it's because is connected with my look and style for my posts blog here.Even the color is more chic and cute but you can be still more casual look than ever.I know everyone does love to wear a simple and casual look,so I decided to wear on my casual and simple look on this day outfit.Is very more easy,simple,casual,chic and perhaps more a little bit girlish look is because of the color of this look.But even that,I still love my look finally at the last.And I know this how I look like and it's better to do this way as me,liked me and myself.You can wear this for everyday a you liked.So today,I'm wearing on my pink short sleeve cardigan with my white pink stripes sleeveless and my black culottes pants with my DIY clay beads round shape mix color necklace with my black Chanel bag and my white sneakers shoes.It's more easy and fun way to wearing this outfit more than ever.And if you like be more fun you can wear with your sunglasses and adding some of your favorite accessories.So guys this is my review for today.Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog.
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