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29 June 2017

Warmly Outfit

Haii guys,how is everyone doing on today? Hope everyone is doing great!!I know I'm sorry to you all guys, because just now I can write on my blog again to post all of my blog post on my new blog post.I know it's very been a long . long time I don't write on blog post, I 'm sorry for that guys.But now I will more active to write on blog post to share all of my new idea, review and story about my lifestyle and fashion. It's been very a long time to share to all of you about what is going on,on my life for the past 4 months ago.And now I'm missing to write to all of you on my blog post like today.For that, now I will more often to share to you all about my lifestyle and fashion.So for that, now I will give you my new look for the first time again after four months.Today, I'm wearing on my warmly green long layer cardigan with my cream top sleeveless and my black capri pants and my DIY stone necklace and my SK Mei watch and one more not forget my red ribbon flat shoes.This outfit is mostly more warmly that I ever wear. But I really liked with this long layer cardigan it can wear everytime as I liked.Almost I wear my cardigan when it feels more cold and rainy season.But not always I wear on that season,I wear it when I want to wear itas I liked.I know everyone does liked to wear cardigan, blazer or bolero.And I know this look can fit in any moments.That's why I liked to wear cardigans and it can matching with all of my outfits and colors. This outfit can wear on your relaxing times or formal occassion.Just matching it up with your favourite items and already be stylish, fashionable and cool looking. So guys,this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

13 February 2017

Be Merry

Haii guys,now it's afternoon!!This is my second post for today,because a lot of things I didn't post on my blog so I decided to make my post blog for now,hope it will be like this until forward.I know maybe some of you read my theme more weird but I decided to type this on my theme.I really not a person who smart to make a title for my post blog,that's why I decided to type like this one.So,I know for every women knows this one type of pants is very popular on 2016 ago,last year.You can wear this for formal occasion,or your office duty,or special occasion like that.So,I decided to wear this on my special occasion last year.I wear on the 25th December on the Christmas day.When I bought this pleated pants,I really don't know wear with what??So,I decided to open my closet and see what is suitable combined with this pleated pants.And finally I found one,it's my white plaid shirt short sleeve.And's match and great touch one.So,I adding too with my DIY clay beads round shape mix color necklace to make more stylish and cute touch one.And I wear too with my red rounded Skmei watch and with my black loafers Hush Puppies shoes.And there is the result.I know every women knows this pleated pants one,is very easy to wear and combined with your top blouse or shirt.There is a lot of variable too with this pleated pants.But there are other kind too,there are the skirt,is pleated skirt.But I just have the pleated pants.This outfit is formal,trendy,and great look.But if you want to be more stylish and formal you can wear with your outwear or blazer one.So guys,this is my second review for today..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

27 September 2016

Green + Black = Smart Looking

Haii guys,morning all!It's been two days I have not been posting on my blog,I know that.And you all have been waiting for me to posting my new look on my blog,sorry for that and I realized that too.And two days ago I have been busy with my husband with our weekend together.But now I'm back to gave you all my new look and you know this days the weather is not be friendly for sure.It's been for few months as you all know at my home town that weather is unfriendly and from last night I got a runny nose and bad cold and this is not I expected for sure.But even though I am sick today,I will remain on my passion to make a super fabulous new post blog today.I know this is not going be easy for me because of my runny nose and my bad cold.But I will do my best on my blog today guys for you all.And two days ago I'm wearing on my simple trendy outfit look.It's so simple outfit as that.I really liked when I'm wearing something on it's simple,casual,trendy,basic and it can be chic,vintage and girly too.It so me as me.And it so like that,it makes me more comfortable and easy to doing something to do.I know maybe everyone loves to wear liked that too.So,I'm wearing my top green blouse,with my black pants,and my black Hermes bag,with my DIY pearl accessories necklace and my black loafers Hush Puppies shoes.I really liked it when I wearing this simple outfit as me.I know it looks so simple and trendy too but it smart looking as that too.When I see this top green blouse I really liked it and it's very chic.That's the blouse but when I bought my black pants I really loved it,why I said that?It's because this pants is not liked usual other pants.It's looks more like legging or tights.It's because of that I really loved this pants and it can make you more comfort to wear.And it so easy wearing this pants,and you can mix and matching up with your favorite outfit it's because of the neutral color of this outfit.And for that too,I got my Hermes bag it's a gift from my husband and the shoes too I got from my sister.This outfit it looks more chic,simple and trendy too.It can wear it to a formal occasion or relaxing time too.So for that guys this is my new posts blog today..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

21 September 2016

Cream Cross T-shirt + Black Alibaba Pants = Obviously Casual Look

Haii guys..hope you all doing fine.This day is making me so sleepy,why i said that??It's because this morning until now is raining all day long and making me so sleepy and make me not doing anything because of this weather.While this day and this air is making me wanna go to sleep,but I will still on my passion to make new more posts on my blog today and doing all by myself. Yeaahh..keep on rocking!!!hahahaa.. As you know,last night I have been making posts too on my blog,perhaps you all see,but today is kinda similiar as last night for the contents on the blog.But is not really similiar posts,is kinda different for this posts.As I said before,I want to more posting on my blog more simple,casual, freshly and more basic.Because this four style it's more me and I really love it so.But maybe sometimes you can see me wearing full of printed motif and colorful clothes of the time too.But mostly I really loved all my clothes.So for that today I'm wearing my cream cross t-shirt,with my black Alibaba pants,my DIY silver metal ring necklace and my white sneakers shoes.As you see,this outfit is more simple,casual but more wearable too.I really pick this outfit is because is more easy and comfy to wear.I bought all my items clothes mostly from local store from around at my home town.And I really loved all of it.And you know you can wear this outfit with more simple as you liked.And you know this Alibaba pants mostly all of you have hear and maybe lot of you too have wearing this pants.I know this pants more like from the movie "Aladdin" when we were child.And if it so,yes it is is like the Aladdin pants but on my home town it called Alibaba pants.So for that,this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my look today..

15 September 2016

Cream Flare Stripes Skirt + White Short Sleeved Shirt

Haii's a sunny and very hot today!!Sunshine is everywhere now.I'm so happy today to see this air and feeling this moment right now.Because it's make me more exciting to doing a new posts on my blog.And really making me so happy to doing this right now.I know I'm not a person that loves to wearing a skirts everyday.Maybe just for sometimes,but actually right now skirts is more available and variable now this day.Everyone can wear it on,for girls and woman.And maybe you all know,that skirts available can wear in every occasion now this day.You can wear it daily as you liked.I know when we flashback for a long years,skirts just wear it on a formal occasion that is I know.But now this day,skirts is available everyday.And you can wear it on everyday.As you know,skirts just wear on work and formal occasion.But know,skirts it's fun and stylish to wear.It's more wearable to throw on too.So now I give you my new posts today..I'm wearing my white short sleeved shirt,with my cream flare stripes skirt and my brown waist belt,my gold bracelet with my dark khaki wedges.You can wear it with your other top or shirt or blouse too and adding your favorite accessories and your other shoes or wedges or sandals.Like I said before it can wear on everyday and can make you more stylish.This outfit can more cute,girly,chic,casual,fun and wearable too.So it's up to you all which style you wanna wear.Hope you all liked and enjoy my look today..

13 September 2016

Where is The Sky Gone

Haii..guys,morning all!!After yesterday have a long holiday,'s been fun all times and have a lot of times with my husband,I'm so happy for this few days.I am so glad I had lot of times with him yesterday.Yesterday we both had a lot fun and happy times.We both had more lot of discussion about every things.After all of our discussion,at last we both agree to make a new posts on my blog.For this far,I know he helped me a lot on my blog.And for this,I really learn a lot how to make a blog and learn about every things.So I decided to make new posts and wear on my light cream vintage vest,with black Zara ruffled top sleeveless,and black legging and my dark green heels T-Bar Clarks shoes and my two gold long chain accessories witches my necklace and bracelet.This outfit is more simple and more casual.You can wear this everyday as you liked.And you can wear it with your over sized top and you can change your vest with your outer or blazer or cardigan and you can adding more accessories and you can change your heels with your sandals too.It's up to you all.More fun too if you can matching it up all with your sunglasses and you sneakers as you liked it,can be more stylish look.I know this outfit it's more simple as you can see but liked i said before you can wear this everyday as you liked if you put on your simple casual look.It's really simple look when I'm wearing on my all clothes.Because I'm a simple person.As I said before.But have trendy and stylish look too.So guys this is my look on today..Don't forget to stop by guys on here..Hope you all liked and enjoy my look guys..

11 September 2016

Old Dress with Old Bag

Haii guys..morning all!!As today it's weekend,I'm so happy..!I can get a bit of relaxing today,but not over all,it's because my husband is on his way to his office,actually like today is not his work days but have training today for a half of his day while I'm alone again at home so I decided to making a new posts on my blog for my free time. And get a long way with my time.I really get upset this morning to my husband because liked today it's our time together for every single weekend.But now I have be alone again at's make me sad to telling you guys about this but I don't want to be long in this feeling after all my husband will came home after finishing his training this afternoon. So while I'm waiting for him,I will get a long on my posts on here..actually in this posts I got my pictures on here from been a long time,and why not posting it on here.As you can see,I really like to wear all my clothes.And mixing it up all.But I have to see the situation first because not all my clothes can apply at all the times.It's because half of my clothes consists of a thick material and is not available to wearing on for everyday.Just sometimes I wear it on when it step into rainy season or winter.So for that guys,this is my review today.Now I will gave you my new look..I'm wearing on my black printed zipper dress,with red headband and my red sling bag,with my black stocking and my red pumps heels.This outfit it's more a dress and can wear on to a formal occasion,like a wedding reception or a other formal event.I prefer not adding my accessories because this dress had already printed and has a little belt on it.And it's more chic,girly and vintage look.So this is my look today that I share it to you guys.Hope you all like it and enjoy my look..

08 September 2016

Light Blue On

Haii guys..what a day..??Really right now I don't have a discussion to sharing with you all right now, because I'm so tired right now. But I try to do my best to you all to share and talk about my look today..I really loved to mix and matching up all my clothes with anything does right on me.And for that, I really often like to ruffled my closet  a lot to get inspiration on my look and style. I know I can get bit a messier than you think.But you can see how it will be.As you know, I really liked to wearing a basic look, it's really fit on me but not just that I liked too with a look that wear with a blazer, a outwear,cardigan,and big size clothes or over sized clothes,I don't why but I liked it.And can fit in any on my clothes.So for that, I really often to mixing it all as one to make a fantastic and extraordinary look.But sometimes it can be simple and ordinary too. So right now, I gave you my new look, I'm wearing my light blue blazer with my stripped shirt long sleeve,my green light headband and my black legging with my metallic belt and my Marie Claire black pumps. It's a little bit ordinary look today,'s liked I said before.So,this outfit it's more formal but a little bit casual too.And a bit kinda messier too.But it's okay for me I still took this pictures finally. And it can wear to a formal occasion but it can wearing to your relaxing time.

06 September 2016

Work Out with The Skirt

Haii is your day all? Did you all have a good day?? Hope you all doing fine and have a great day.. So as you know, I really love to sharing my expression and feeling to all of you to get opinion and inspiration from all of you guys about my pose, look and other things. I know during this days I really have to think hard to get my new look to sharing a better one on my blog. Really this days I'm not often seeing a fashion magazine or watching fashion TV shows or talk show about fashion, because my daily activity as a housewife. Everything I did on myself. That's why I did not have much time to make a new post or look on my blog for everyday. Like I said before on my post, I really busy as a housewife but that is not matter now, because whatever we working on or what job we do as long as you love that job every single part of the job you do it's gonna be going fine and perfectly. And that's how I doing it right now. So guys, love what ever you doing right now and stay positive. So now I gave you my new pose and look.. I'm wearing my white top blouse, red printed flower pencil skirt, white beads necklace, my pink bracelet, my black stretch waist waist belt and my Marie Claire black pumps. As you know, this outfit it kinda formal as can you see. You can wear this to your work, to your formal event, or other occasion. I'm wearing this like I'm gonna go to work.(hahahaa)..but even I'm not, I'm just wearing this with my feeling. You know guys, several ago when I said I'm not a type person dress up properly,yes..that is right. If you see this look I'm just going with my mood and feeling. And for that, this outfit much more properly to put on. And if you want to wear more properly, the top blouse you can change with shirt and other colors. And you can wear too with your handbag it's more like a career woman.And you know is more perfect to look. So for that, you guys can choose what way do you wanna pull on this outfit..

03 September 2016

Two Way Skirt

Haii guys,it is been a long week for me to take a new post on my blog, there's a lot to do on my list, but it is okay for me to do all things in one hand like i said before. But it's okay for me that i got a awesome helping hand all the time for helping me on the things and guess who?? It's my man my husband one for sure, so helping on doing things at home. I really appreciate him so much to doing things at home while i'm busy doing things on my blog, it so being helpful for him around at home, and it's really make me so easy to do on my blogs. Really it so easy and helpful for me. And that's not it guys. Him too helping me doing photo's on my blog too, i really lucky to have him around me on my life, I really love him so much. Now, i gave you my new look today, this outfit is really simple and girly to wear. Maybe some of you guys has wearing this outfit from your own closet before i posting this,hahaha..,this outfit can wear on summer when it so hot on outside and it so simple and stylish too. And this outfit can be use on two way function.As you know, actually this outfit it's a skirt not blouse, not a top or a dress, but it can be use like that too liked i said. So,  i'm wearing this outfit like a dress or frock, as you guys can see and put on my light blue blazer, and my green flat shoes with my green ribbon headband. But for you guys you can put on your outwear what ever you like it and wearing your accessories too if you like it. It simple, girly and wearable too. And it can pull from your own closet too, is that easy guys. So, is up to you guys to choose in what way to using this outfit..    

30 August 2016

Little Black Dress

Haii guys really sorry for this few months I don't pose for along time because my busy time.You know I really like to make a picture or a photo for my look or pose and share on my blog but because for my busy time it really makes me don't have time to making a new look on my blog. It's very hard to handle everything in one hand. And for all you know, on my few post ago I told that now I been married and being a wife and that's a lot of work to do,but for this almost 4 years now for my married i really enjoying,happy and having lot of experience in my married life. And expecting have a baby in this short time.(hihihii)..That's how now I run it for now on. But for sure, you all guys will see and look ahead for more and more on my blog.:)) So for that, now i will gave you guys my new look today..So i'm wearing my Little Black Dress with my big black pearl necklace and my black stocking and my red headbands and bronze big bracelet and too my Marie Claire black pumps.So you know,maybe lots of you guys know this little black dress a.k.a LBD it seems like this dress in many ways can not forgotten. Because it is very..very vintage and every girls and women loves it and never disappear for a lots of centuries. And it seems like this dress is never gone in many fashion. And this dress it fits in any occasion. For that, you guys can choose to wear this dress in what way..

27 April 2016

White on White

Haii guys..I'm back to you all for my new pose and looks on my blog. Hope you all like it..There's no reason for me wearing everything that I like. I just put whatever I like. And I know I'm not a person that have to wearing a perfectly outfit everyday. And sometimes I can be unpredictable to wearing something and it's depends on the so me. For that.. I'm wearing on my white top blouse and my white rimple skirt and my black stretch waist belt and big black beads necklace and my flat cream shoes. This outfit it's look so chic and girly. And this outfit it's wearable too. You can wear this in any occasion. And as you know this outfit full of white and it's one colour trendy in any time. It's fit in your list clothes too, and it can apply to your office, relaxing time and formal time. Hopefully you all like it my new looks on here..

13 March 2016

Look At Me.. When I'm Looking At You

Haii guys..I'm back to give you my new look, while yesterday I'm not doing nothing, it's just like I'm lost in my mind. So I asked to my hubby, let's get up and take a picture of me for my blogging. And he said, yes let's do it baby. So I just take on my best outfit and see what it looks like? I'm wearing on my red fur top sleeveless and my abstract outwear and my black pants and black Hush Puppies loafers shoes and my big black beads necklace and of course my brown sling bag or it can used on handbag too.This outfit it so wearable to put on your daily activities. To wear this outfit is so much comfortable and cozy. Because it can makes you feel easy to doing something. It so able to wear this outfit. If you like to wear other outer you can change if you like it. This outfit can use on any occasion too. And you can wear them in any time. So there's the result on my picture blogging guys..
Just stop by and see at here on my blogs.. Maybe you will like it.

07 March 2016

My Gold Dresses

Haii guys.. here is my new look on my new blog for a long time. And this is the first time I'm blogging again. Okay here we're begin.. I'm not a type of girl that when going out I have to dress up properly,that is not me at all. When I'm going out I just followed my mood and feelings. For sure, I just like to take what I wear and feels good on me.So..if you see this photo on that day, that means my mood is feeling good but not everyday for sure to wearing a properly dress.I just like to be me and myself with my free mind. As you can see I'm wearing this dress more cutely and chic.And I wear this with my dark green headband, with my gold bracelet and with dark khaki wedges.This dress not often I wear on everyday. It's really not comfortable because it's a dress and it's too shining for I   wearing this on my daily activities. Mostly I'm wearing my favorites pants and my t-shirt or my top blouse to make easy going on my activities. so me, because makes me more comfortable and cozy. And now, we're going to talk about my posts on here,as I said before this dress is more cutely, chic and girly look. This dress can wear on fun times, party, and other occasion. It's really more fun when you wearing this on a party, shopping or romantic time, is up to you guys how you wearing this dress on.And you can adding your accessories too to make look so elegant, chic and more prettier. Hope you all guys like my new look and please stopping by on my blog..Enjoy it.. and follow my blog guys!!