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21 August 2018


Hello everyone.. How is your day today? Hope all is doing fine. I know, nowadays, everyone can wearing style as many as they liked because style is everywhere. And you can wear as you needed or as usually for your daily days. It is a habit nowadays for the style and the outfit. It is very like important thing to do before leaving the house. It is very.. very habit and important to do on our routines days. For me, yes, indeed.. I know, because not only for my blog but you know for it is a appearance and if you going somewhere you have to look nice and good looking. I know because from my childhood, my mom always dress up all of us for be more prettier and always nice looking. So until now, it is like a habit for us especially me. That is why I always posting it in my blog and make this blog to sharing and showing  how do I look and it is suitable for me or not. Because not every style and look is suitable for me and I know that. Because of that, I know what look and style is suitable for me to showing in my daily days and not excessive on my daily days. And I am not comfortable too for that. I am not the person can show off and excessive on my look and style. For that, I always saying that my style is simple, casual and easy wearing and that is me. That is my style, my look and my fashion for every single day and anytime. So, for that, nowadays, I wearing my look and my style for anytime there is no more different from the other days. I am wearing my black top blouse short sleeve hole torn and my pinky pants and my gray studdedd handbag and my nude ruffle flip flop. And my with my necklace beads and my blue watches and my four beads bracelet. And single of my bracelets is different. And this outfit I wearing as my daily days and it can wear in anywhere and everywhere, it is simple, comfortable, easy to wear not complicated and it is very.. very casual to wear. It is really suitable for the summer time. I really liked and loved wearing outfit like this. But sometimes, I can wear a really formal dress or outfit as the occassion indeed. So, guys this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

02 August 2018


Hello everyone.. How is your day today? Everyone is okay. Good to hear that. You know, I realize nowadays every single fashion is a fashion, there is no doubt for that. This is one thing is important and make life more amazing. Because nowadays, fashion is very important to everyone. But some are not too. But you know, nowadays, everyone likes fashion. So, even there is no special moment or occassion, everyone does fashion nowadays. It is like necessity for every day. And fashion is a bigger thing than you know. And it is more much variant. If you can see, fashion does not see age. And is a lifestyle thing. So, for that, I am so very blessed to my life. Because, I can wear every thing in my life. Everyday I can wear as I liked. And you know,  I loved being fashion every day. It makes my life more cheerfull. I can showing who as I am. I can be myself. I can be me. And free as I liked to show myself as I am. And showing that it is my identity. And when I was little my mom always make me stylish. So, from that, I always become a habit to fashion. But with positive way. I know fashion nowadays is more bigger than I know. It always growing and growing and growing nowadays. And nowadays, you can see fashion in anywhere. In everywhere, in every way and daily days. Because everyone does fashion. And it already entered to ours lifestyle. For that, I really like to sharing and showing what is my fashion nowadays to you all. So, previously, I tell you that for this moment, I really liked to wearing 'Harem Pants' nowadays, I don't know why, but I liked it. It is make my style more free and stylish. And I can mixing it with my every blouse or my T-shirt or my shirt. So, I decided to wear one of my Harem Pants before it. And you know, that is one kind of pants, you can see, is much more variant. But I always liked the colour of plain. So, I can mixing with my other color blouse. So, I decided to wearing my brown harem pants, but in my home town they called it with "Fatin Pants", but it entered in the category 'Harem Pants', and mixing with my white plain shirt short sleeve and my white tank top, and my yellow flat shoes and my gray studdedd handbag. And with my necklace seeds and my blue watches and my four beads bracelets. And single of my bracelets is different. And you can wear this to your formal occasion or unformal occasion. It easy to wear, simple and free. So, guys this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

02 July 2018

Harem Pants or Bloomy Pants?

Hello..Hello everyone, how is your first day after the holiday season? Everyone is feeling great,hope you all feeling wonderful. You know what, I know fashion is obviously big, maybe is more bigger than you can say. After bit I learning about fashion is more than you know there is more how you can learn and study about it. It so fun, that you know about fashion. So, I learn much more about fashion and there more much about the textiled, the more variant about it, the style about the design and the material about the textiled and how you can apply easy with anything in your closet. I know everyone have their own style. And you can applied in your own styled aself. But sometimes the more you have style you have to be proud to your self and about it. And it can make yourself more confident to wear it. And do not be a shame for it. I know every single person have a shy in their self and shame to reveal it, do not be. If yourself brave to showed it, just showed it. I know not everyone brave to showed it and wear it but do not be shy to showed it. It is more fun if you can more style it your fashion. And you can be a trendsetter than you can be. So, just now we have talked a little about fashion, now I will show you my style today and show to you all to wear it if you liked it and maybe some of you will wear it you liked it to wear it. I know this style maybe some of you know it but some of you do not, and some of you wear it and some of you do not, but this look I just love to wear it and show it to you all. That I know, with the name of this post liked above, it is a harem pants or bloomy pants, which do you prefer it? I know this pants is trending in my home town but not everyone wear this pants, because of that I told before this if you brave to wear this style just showed it. I know a little bit about this pants maybe this is trending because at 90's, the one of the disney movies wear this pants in the movies, all of you know it, I know. Because of that, this pants so be trending again nowadays. In my closet I have a bunch of my outfit and partly of my outfit, this pants I have 10 pair of this pants but with a different style, different mode, different type, and different accent. Nowadays, this pants more much bring out with a different style, different look, different mode, different type, different accent and more much with the variant. And in my home town it can apply with Batik, so it is more style and bring more variant with this pants. So, I wear it with my light blue harem or bloomy pants with my plaid black blouse and my fringe black sling bag box and my flat blue rubber/jelly open back shoes with my blue watches and  three beads bracelet. And single of my bracelets is different. This outwear look is more simple, easy to wear and more relaxed wearing. You can wear in your daily days, in your relaxing times or just when your hangout with friends and your family. But if you want to be more formal outwear you can mixed with your blazers or your vest and you can wear it with your high heels. So, you can decided how you wanna wear it as you liked it. And for that, I will posting it again to you all for my 9 pairs of this pants in the next posting, oke guys.. So guys,this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

20 June 2018

Get Ready... To Set The Holiday!!

Haloo guys.. How you all doing today?! I hope you all doing fine till now. I know I have been so long since I write my last post in here to get my new post in my blog to share to you all. It's been so late to post my new look but it is okay, I know have been much lately doing a lot of things in my daily days. There is much going lately this days. So for that, I will give you all my new look today to share to you all. I know in my country we have been go on holidays for a full week, and it so much a lot to do guys, you know, when holidays is coming everyone is more exciting and much more happier, to relieve patigue from job, to relaxing time, have a nice good times with families, and etc. And it goes it like that. Is the same thing with me.So, when holidays is coming is like a new present for me and my husband to get more amazing adventure for both of us. And you know what, we have a lot more to do  together. So, we have a bunch plan to do when the holidays coming but we just going one plan, I know it disappointed but it is okay, because holiday is not over yet, there's are coming through on December. So, when our plan does not go as planned it is really dissapointed but it is okay, so, we didn't get much long to do, but, over that, we still exciting doing others things. And then, I ask my husband to take a picture for me when I think my look is more nice look, comfortable look and outfit on summer. So, finally my husband took out a picture for me and it's a good.. good, wonderful nice to see. I wear with my sunglasses, and my plaid black blouse, with my blue batik pants with an accent slopes, and my flat blue jelly/rubber open back shoes, and my blue watches and three beads bracelets. And single for my bracelets is different. It more casual, summer, easy going, simple, comfort look to wear on this days to holidays but you have to see when is the holiday season when it's  coming to December probably not wearing this guys. You can also add on your cardigans or denim jaket or your vest and your necklace to make more stylish to your look. It so simple is that guys. My batik pants is more to wear on a summer day like this because with the style and accent. And for this batik pants much more of the look, the style and the various of batik pants only. But I don't know I really love with my batik pants this ones, it's  really more comfort and easy to wear, probably I will buy another one guys, and when I buy it and I will show you guys and I will posting it and share with you all. So guys, this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

10 October 2017

Dark Blue and Grey

Haii guys.. how you all doing today?? I hope you all doing the best today, I know have been two months not writing on my blog, it's been long time I don't  write my article on here and I miss that so much. I have been a lot working on my home as a housewife and you know  for that I can't every time blogging on my blog, it's  because I have a lot working and not able to do things on my blog. I know this work to be an active blogger have to be more active to write a lot of content article to show that we are an active blogger. I really like this working time because is not wasting time, is not hard to get and easy to write on anywhere and everywhere you want. But because I'm a housewife and I can't be able to do things on two jobs at once but hope someday I will be able to do that. So  for that today I will give you all my new look today that been earlier 2017 when I celebrate the new year, I know when I put something on my body I have to be more comfortable and being as much as possible as my self. I really like to mix and matching up all my clothes, it's  really as me that I  present when I wearing  my clothes. I realize that I'm  not a person have to catch up the trending most ever style that been on today, that is not me. But I can still see and watch  the trend fashion style. I know I'm not the trend fashion style person but I can be stylish more as me. So for today, I wear on my  dark blue top blouse with my grey jogger pants and my grey jelly flat shoes and my  hairpin on my hair and my yellow nail polish. This  is the new look on me, this look can be wear on anyone else, it's really comfortable, formal and informal outfit, it's simple and easy to wear,it's great combination color. And it's wearable to wear too. But you can put on your accessories as you like to be more stylish. I know maybe you think this look is more simple that you see? But that is me, I like this way style and look as me. And I got this dark blue top blouse from my local store in my home town, and I buy wholesale from it. I buy variety color and look because I like it. And you can wear it on formal and informal occassion. And the jogger pants too, I bought it too from my local store in my home town and the jelly shoes too. The local store that I told you guys is "Blok M Square", you can buy everything in there and the price is variabel, from the cheapiest price till the expensive price, if you are interesting just go there and see, hope you all like it to shopping in there, I will  tell you more about this mall but not now, in the next post I will tell you guys. Happy shopping guys!! So guys this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

03 July 2017

Denim on Me

Haloo are you all doing??Fine..I guest so.., I been have a lit bit crushing on my life or can I say had a feeling down this at my life on this days but I hope it will be better soon and had an amazing life forever. I guess everyone does, isn't you guys?? For of my life,I never been down like this before, it's really hurting me insight and I want to fight and make it to be true,I don't want to be pretending and it's like.. yeaahh.. everything is okay,I don't want to like that person. Hope all of you just be true on yourself and say what you wanna say.I know this feeling insight me want to scream and shout as many more ever but I know someday and somehow my life is more getting better,wonderful, amazing,awesome and great to be.I will stand on my feet as this moment will lost and lost and gone forever in my life.I know someday I will be the greatest women ever!!It will be came true, I know it will!!Just for that, for now I will give you my newest blog post ever on this first week of july..I know everyone does like to wearing denim or you can say jeans on this days on.This is the simple way to wearing a simple outfit on your daily days.And this denim is one all of people favourites.And I know this one items is one of legend outfit in every country and worlds. And this items is fot in any occassion and everyone does can wear it.It can be mix and matching up with any outfit. Why I told you guys about this?I just want to share a little bit what I know about denim or jeans with you guys. But I know everyone does know too about this one items.And this items on this daily days is more blooming with more of style and trend.This denim or jeans items is more simple and comfortable to wear.So for that,I'm wearing on my light blue shirt lace denim with my white jeans levis and my DIY blue necklace and my SKMei watch and light blue denim sneakers. You can see that today I wear from top to bottom all of is denim, that is why today I share about this of denim.And thats why I loved to wearing denim is because simple, comfortable, casual,and fun to wear. I really loved it!! And you can adding your favourite items too to be more fashionable and stylish.And it's more wearable to wear on your daily days too.But not just for women or girls but this one items is more unisex style.So guys this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

29 June 2017

Warmly Outfit

Haii guys,how is everyone doing on today? Hope everyone is doing great!!I know I'm sorry to you all guys, because just now I can write on my blog again to post all of my blog post on my new blog post.I know it's very been a long . long time I don't write on blog post, I 'm sorry for that guys.But now I will more active to write on blog post to share all of my new idea, review and story about my lifestyle and fashion. It's been very a long time to share to all of you about what is going on,on my life for the past 4 months ago.And now I'm missing to write to all of you on my blog post like today.For that, now I will more often to share to you all about my lifestyle and fashion.So for that, now I will give you my new look for the first time again after four months.Today, I'm wearing on my warmly green long layer cardigan with my cream top sleeveless and my black capri pants and my DIY stone necklace and my SK Mei watch and one more not forget my red ribbon flat shoes.This outfit is mostly more warmly that I ever wear. But I really liked with this long layer cardigan it can wear everytime as I liked.Almost I wear my cardigan when it feels more cold and rainy season.But not always I wear on that season,I wear it when I want to wear itas I liked.I know everyone does liked to wear cardigan, blazer or bolero.And I know this look can fit in any moments.That's why I liked to wear cardigans and it can matching with all of my outfits and colors. This outfit can wear on your relaxing times or formal occassion.Just matching it up with your favourite items and already be stylish, fashionable and cool looking. So guys,this is my review for today.. Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

13 February 2017

Be Merry

Haii guys,now it's afternoon!!This is my second post for today,because a lot of things I didn't post on my blog so I decided to make my post blog for now,hope it will be like this until forward.I know maybe some of you read my theme more weird but I decided to type this on my theme.I really not a person who smart to make a title for my post blog,that's why I decided to type like this one.So,I know for every women knows this one type of pants is very popular on 2016 ago,last year.You can wear this for formal occasion,or your office duty,or special occasion like that.So,I decided to wear this on my special occasion last year.I wear on the 25th December on the Christmas day.When I bought this pleated pants,I really don't know wear with what??So,I decided to open my closet and see what is suitable combined with this pleated pants.And finally I found one,it's my white plaid shirt short sleeve.And's match and great touch one.So,I adding too with my DIY clay beads round shape mix color necklace to make more stylish and cute touch one.And I wear too with my red rounded Skmei watch and with my black loafers Hush Puppies shoes.And there is the result.I know every women knows this pleated pants one,is very easy to wear and combined with your top blouse or shirt.There is a lot of variable too with this pleated pants.But there are other kind too,there are the skirt,is pleated skirt.But I just have the pleated pants.This outfit is formal,trendy,and great look.But if you want to be more stylish and formal you can wear with your outwear or blazer one.So guys,this is my second review for today..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..


Haii guys,it's afternoon now.I know this is being not too late to post my new look today.I know everyone does like wearing this one of type clothes,it's more classic and more be stylish with this one clothes.You can wear everyday,every time as you liked.It's very fashionable and more stylish.This clothes for this days be more variable than I think.It can be unique,fun,stylish and lot of look.You know,I know this denim clothes this is we said like this but the other name is jeans,is very a long time ago that when I was child I have already wear on this one type of clothes.Is very..very classic clothes.And for this days,you can wear every time as you liked.And you can to put with your other denim too as you matching as one outfit.It's very cool and awesome look.Even you don't want to make it more simple,you can adding some of your accessories and favorite bag to be more stylish and fashionable.And you can wear this all the time.And why I said that??More that the denim is more filthy but is more fashionable.And it's a lot of more style than that.There is skinny jeans,boot cut jeans,boyfriend jeans,cropped jeans,ripped jeans and lot of more.We can talked about this if when I wear on one of my jeans.I just telling you guys for the variable of jeans or you can said with denim.Because today,I'm wearing my denim shirt short sleeve today not my jeans on my leg.So for that,I'm wearing on my denim shirt short sleeve with my blue DIY beads necklace and my sleeveless white plaid top and my black culottes pants and my black studded sling bag and my white sneakers shoes.It's more simple,casual,easy and denim look.You can wear this everyday as you liked and you can on any occasion time.So if you don't know what you want to wear today or tomorrow??You can wear on your denim look as you liked guys.So guys,this is my review for today..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

10 February 2017


Haii all of you guys,I know it's been almost a month I didn't post anything on my blog,everything has been up and down on my life.I know I had a promise to you guys that on this 2017 I will be more and more active on my blog but I didn't do it well as I promise to you guys,I'm sorry.But I will get it over and work it usually as usual.It's been a lot of anything going on my life and hope it will be a lot of cheerful,happiness and a amazing things happen to forward.So now,we can get forward to my new look on my blog today and discuss this with great mind today.So for that,I will give you my new look today,it's really more casual and simply look today but the one thing is I put on my shocking pink pants to combine with my cream sleeveless top and my cream green button blazer short sleeve to make more chic look,colorful look and stylish look.I know it's more even easy,standard and really is very ordinary look.But it's okay for once in your life to be like this on your daily life.This look you can combine with other tops or blouse and adding with your favorite accessories and your lovely bag and you can too put on your favorite pumps or heels or wedges to be more stylish and fashionable look.And you can wear this to your office outfit look or you can wear this on your hangout time or your relaxing time .Is you decided??But I really like my post today even more I can adding my favorite things on it.So guys,this is my review for today..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

13 January 2017

Knit Wear

Haii guys,it's already noon now and is very shiny day!!I know we have enter the new year part today and it's been the month feel with the new journey the new beginning the new adventure the new year and the new step into all our life's of 2017.I know for this several week,we have enter to the new month of this 2017 and it's January,however,in my home town this is the month were we enter the shiny and hot days ever.Of course still in the middle of the day,rainy season still stopping by on this month.But that is okay for me,I still can work nicely,greatly and easily while the weather is always unpredictable like usually does.So for that,I always told you guys that I really liked to wear a simple,comfy,casual,basic and wearable to use on that how I like my look and style.So for that,I know for some people maybe they like this one clothes to adding on their list of style and look.It's very a cozy,comfy and cool to wear.And there are a lot of style of this clothes.It can be a top blouse,it can be a cardigan,bolero or outwear,it can be a scarf,it can a gloves,it can be a cap to wear on,it's many a lot of them it can be use on.But for me,I usually wear to be top blouse,it's because I liked the style and material of this knit wear.It's one of my favorite clothes if you wondering why.And as you know,because the weather on my home town is most of all is a tropical weather so this one kind of clothes is very..very perfect to wear on my home town.Usually,I wear this with pants,just is fit and wearable much to wear.So for that,today I'm wearing on my knit wear,why exactly I'm telling about knit clothes.Yeahh,I'm wearing this light cream knit top blouse,with my black capri pants and my DIY bronze tiger pendant necklace and my white sneakers shoes.It's very much more cozy,comfy,easy and wearable when you wear this much outfit more.And I got all my stuff here is from my local store at my home town.And you can wear this outfit everyday as you liked and you can wear it to on your relaxing day.So guys this my review for today.Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

11 January 2017

Pinky Vibes

Haii guys,morning all!!I know it's been a while like I said yesterday on my blog posts here,it's been a month I don't posts but now NO,I have to be more active and more responsibility with my blog.I know everyday I have to do things and lot of work to do but I have to spent a lot of times with my blog to be more active and more people to see my blog here.I hope this is my time to make my blog to more grow,active and famous to all around the world.That's is one of my resolution in this year of 2017.Hope it will came true this year!!So for that guys,I am so happy when I posts my look and style on my blog here is one of my favorite thing to do on my list of work.Is very more exciting things to do and make me more learn about a lot of fashion things when I working on my posts blog here.So for today,this my outfit is more chic,girly and casual look.But is easy and quickly simple as you can see this outfit one.I know I'm not a kind of person who has often to wear a perfectly outfit every single day,is not me at all.I really liked to wearing a simple outfit look to my daily outfit that is my every single day look.And I know every single posts on my blog here is always been a simple,easy and casual words but that's how I expressing my daily outfit and my style to all of you.I know maybe some you have a bunch of style on your daily outfit look but this who I am as myself.And for that why I'm telling you about this it's because is connected with my look and style for my posts blog here.Even the color is more chic and cute but you can be still more casual look than ever.I know everyone does love to wear a simple and casual look,so I decided to wear on my casual and simple look on this day outfit.Is very more easy,simple,casual,chic and perhaps more a little bit girlish look is because of the color of this look.But even that,I still love my look finally at the last.And I know this how I look like and it's better to do this way as me,liked me and myself.You can wear this for everyday a you liked.So today,I'm wearing on my pink short sleeve cardigan with my white pink stripes sleeveless and my black culottes pants with my DIY clay beads round shape mix color necklace with my black Chanel bag and my white sneakers shoes.It's more easy and fun way to wearing this outfit more than ever.And if you like be more fun you can wear with your sunglasses and adding some of your favorite accessories.So guys this is my review for today.Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog.